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Get on your unique path to

If you are willing and rigorously honest with yourself, InsidesMatch
will guide you through the discovery of your relationship patterns and
help you build your relationship skills to navigate your journey to healthier relationships.

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What will you do differently today to have Healthier, Happier Relationships?

Discover your core relationship patterns, the ones working for you and the ones working against you.


Click on the InsidesMatch Assessment button below.

Why We Started Insidesmatch


It has taken me almost a decade of therapy, recovery, hypnosis, and self-
discovery to connect the dots on why I attract and stay in unhealthy


No one source gave me all the answers. But my obsession moved me to a secure attachment style, and I want to help others get there too!


Dagmar Kusiak, CEO

We created an assessment focusing on 4 critical areas that impact

I went through a tough divorce and being a single mom is not easy. This
framework we have built has not only helped me see why I pick toxic
relationships, but also helped me improve my behaviors with my kids.

We all have stuff to work on and triggers that make and break relationships. It starts with understanding what your stuff is and digging into your past to