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InsidesMatch is a community of people ready and willing to show up better in their relationships.


We bring awareness and solutions to people about their unhealthy relationship patterns to help them create positive change within themselves, resulting in healthy, happy relationships.



Become the premier provider of products and services that build healthy relationship skills.

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- Continuous Learning: We are open to improving ourselves.
- Courage: We are willing to stand up to our fears.
- Compassion: We are kind and respectful to each other.
- Community: We set goals and support each other.

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Why We Started Insidesmatch


Dagmar Kusiak


It has taken me almost a decade of therapy, recovery, hypnosis, and self-discovery to connect the dots on why I attract and stay in unhealthy relationships. No one source gave me all the answers. But my obsession moved me to a secure attachment style, and I want to help others get there too!


I started InsidesMatch to help you figure out your purpose and what excites you. I have had the privilege of facilitating meetings in women's recovery centers for the last couple of years to help women make sense of their life and discover what makes them ecstatic and want to wake up every morning with purpose. Understanding yourself will help you know exactly what red flags to look for in dating and how to have healthier relationships. Ultimately you need to be happy with yourself first to have a long-term fulfilling relationship.

Who We Are

Dagmar Kusiak

Founder and CEO

As the founder and CEO of InsidesMatch, I'm proud of the work and passion that we have done to bring the vision to actualization. Over the years, I have undertaken several paths that lead me to become an entrepreneur. Since I was 4, I have always carried a notebook and pencil everywhere. I don't remember taking any notes, but I was fascinated by people and their behaviors. Once I got to young adulthood, I realized I had my behavioral patterns and a family history of compulsive behaviors and codependency. As someone who has always had immense insight and awareness, I spent years in therapy, hypnosis, and recovery to work on my patterns. I created tools to better myself and my relationships.


My formal Master's education and corporate experience in Instructional Design, coupled with developing and facilitating actionable and inspiring training, paid off as I formed partnerships with recovery centers. After spending a few years facilitating group workshops in the Women's Recovery Centers, I became obsessed with cracking the code of which patterns cause unhealthy relationships and how to break them. With over 12 years of Instructional Design experience, I aim to use my professional expertise and personal experience to help people have fulfilling, long-lasting relationships.

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Tonia Emery

Co-Founder and Psychologist 

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I’ve used my B.A. in Psychology, M.S. in Counseling, and PhD (ABD) work in Organization Psychology in various settings to accelerate development and help others build their skills for over 25 years. 


When Dagmar approached me to design the InsidesMatch Assessment, I was excited because I knew there was no assessment out there like this. As a divorced, single mom I was passionate about building a tool so people could understand attachment, co-dependency, compulsive tendencies, and personality. I am confident this can help all those people out there who want to have healthier relationships. We all have stuff and find ourselves in unhealthy patterns at times. Meaningful change starts with understanding what those patterns are and why we engage in them. That helps us create the right action plan to address them and find the happiness we all deserve.

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