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InsidesMatch Assessment™

In the video, I share some insights with you on why I created the InsidesMatch Assessment™ the way I did and how it will help you have healthier relationships.
- Tonia Emery, Psychologist -

InsidesMatch Assessme will help you discover more about your patterns in the 4 critical areas that impact your ability to be in healthy and happy relationships.

What’s included:

The InsidesMatch Assessment™
Self-Guided Debrief Workbook

Only $49



Attachment Style

Your Attachment style developed in early childhood and impacts how you connect with others. By looking at the 6 areas of attachment, you will learn where you are secure and where you may be anxious or avoidant.


Compulsive Tendencies

Compulsions are “acting out” are behaviors we engage in to deal with stress and hurt. You will learn about your thoughts, behaviors, and impacts in 7 common areas of compulsion.



Codependency can exist with yourself as well as others. You will learn the behaviors you have in 14 areas of codependency.



Narcissism is a spectrum and part of our personality development. You will learn about your behaviors regarding the 9 traits of narcissism.

Features / Benefits / Outcomes

You have to focus on yourself first. Your discovery, if properly managed and applied can lead to breaking the cycle of unhealthy relationships.

The value you realize

Remove the guesswork. The InsidesMatch Assessment, Report, and Debrief Tools will help you identify:

  • The behavioral patterns you want to break.

  • Your attachment style: areas of insecurity; and situations that trigger your anxiety and avoidance.

  • Your patterns of compulsion: your “go- to” behaviors under stress.

  • Your co-dependency behaviors: how you can heal and create healthier ways of connecting.

  • Your narcissistic traits: how to focus on healthier behaviors.

What makes us unique

  • A thorough 146-question tool that take only 30 minutes to complete.

  • The only assessment that pinpoints the 6 areas of attachment and insecurity.

  • Immediate access to your results.

  • Coaching with a 1-hour video and a detailed workbook that goes page by page of your report with you.

  • Breaking the code to unhealthy patterns so you can get started on happiness.


  • What is the InsidesMatch Assessment™?
    It's an assessment that will help you become aware of your issues from past relationships in 10 minutes and let you know why you struggle to start a new relationship or make one last.
  • Can I retake the assessment?
    Yes. If you purchase the subscription you will have access to take the assessment again and track your progress.
  • What happens if didn’t receive an assessment in my inbox?
    Check spam and then Email
  • Can couples take the assessment?
    Yes. We recommend couples each take the assessment and share the results with each other. However, currently we don’t offer those results on the same report.
  • What does InsidesMatch™ Offer? Therapy? Training?
    InsidesMatch™ does not offer therapy. We recommend our clients attend therapy and recovery. Besides Assessment, Video Debrief, and Youtube Videos, we offer a guided and accelerate skills workshop. In the workshop you'll be able to start your journey to understanding and changing your behaviors.
Gwen Brehm

The InsidesMatch Assessment is a fantastic tool for mental health professionals working with couples - much needed in our field

I took the assessment and realized a few things about myself that I needed to pay more attention to. After the assessment, I had a long discussion with my husband about the results, the history of my relationships, and the changes that have occurred for me over the years. We talked about our individual and couple strengths and even set goals to improve in some areas discovered in the assessment. This is a truly helpful tool for me.


Additionally, it would be a vital tool for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of their relationship issues and get practical ideas on improving—a fantastic tool for mental health professionals working with couples- much needed in our field.

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