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InsidesMatch™ Subscription

In this video, I share why the InsidesMatch™ subscription creates so much value on your journey to a healthier, happier you.
- Tonia Emery, Psychologist -

InsidesMatch subscription is your one stop shop to access all the tools you need to build awareness and take action.

What’s included:

Take Online Courses
Take Assessment once
Re-assess every year
Register for 30 minute coaching (Access to Zoom Link)
Access Content Library
10% discount on workshop
Register for a free 60-minute webinar
Access our InsidesMatch webinar to get the most out of the subscription

Only $199/Year ($17/Month)

What’s Included


Take Online Courses

Healing from Toxic Relationship Patterns and Toxic Relationships


Register for 30 minute coaching (Access via Zoom)

Work with InsidesMatch professional to prioritize and outline your action plan.


Take Assessment once and
Re-assess every year

Every year you will be able to access the assessment again so you can measure your progress.


10% discount on Workshops

Work in a small group, with professional facilitation, in our 4 week intensive workshops to build relationship skills and break unhealthy patterns. You will also get a 10% discount code to share with your friends.


Access Content Library

Have immediate and ongoing access to the latest tools and exercises.


Live Streams Setup to register for a free 60-minute webinar

Features / Benefits / Outcomes

Resources at your fingertips. We give you the tools/skills to recognize the patterns you want to manage or change.

The value you realize

Have instant access. The InsidesMatch Subscription will offer you different skill building options so you can:

  • Become more secure in your attachment.

  • Manage your compulsions.

  • Recover from co-dependency issues.

  • Develop skills quickly using our method.

  • Track your progress with annual reassessments.

  • Practice and master new skills with priority access to workshops.

Features and Benefits

  • New content every month so that you have immediate access to the latest tools and resources.

  • Portal access unique to your journey so that all your success is tracked.

  • A learning community to empower you in your commitment to create the happy, healthy relationship you deserve.

Course Outline

Course Outline

We will guide you to understanding your reports. We provide you with exercises and tools designed to disrupt your toxic patterns and to keep you from feeling stuck so that you can have the healthy relationships you deserve. The course is five days long.

  • Module 1: Introduction to InsidesMatch™ Healing Roadmap

    • Lesson 1: Welcome to Powerlessness 

    • Lesson 2: Welcome to Attachment 

    • Lesson 3: Welcome to Compulsion

    • Lesson 4: Welcome to Codependence

    • Lesson 5: Welcome to Narcissism 

    • Lesson 6: Getting the most out of this course

  • Module 2: Attachment

    • Lesson 1: What are your Core Beliefs?

    • Lesson 2: Abandonment and Lovability

    • Lesson 3: Intimacy and Closeness

    • Lesson 4: Emotional Availability

    • Lesson 5: Need for Approval and Dependency

    • Lesson 6: Healing Your Attachment Style


  • What is the InsidesMatch Assessment™?
    It's an assessment that will help you become aware of your issues from past relationships in 10 minutes and let you know why you struggle to start a new relationship or make one last.
  • Can I retake the assessment?
    Yes. If you purchase the subscription you will have access to take the assessment again and track your progress.
  • What happens if didn’t receive an assessment in my inbox?
    Check spam and then Email
  • Can couples take the assessment?
    Yes. We recommend couples each take the assessment and share the results with each other. However, currently we don’t offer those results on the same report.
  • What does InsidesMatch™ Offer? Therapy? Training?
    InsidesMatch™ does not offer therapy. We recommend our clients attend therapy and recovery. Besides Assessment, Video Debrief, and Youtube Videos, we offer a guided and accelerate skills workshop. In the workshop you'll be able to start your journey to understanding and changing your behaviors.

The insights I gained are invaluable and help me in my marriage and all my interactions with friends, family, and working relationships

The insights I gained are invaluable and help me in my marriage and all my interactions with friends, family, and working relationships. I learned so much about myself, but I also better understand others.

Consultant & Coach
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