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Indecisiveness Sabotages Relationships

Do you struggle with trusting yourself to make the right decision? Are you afraid to make the wrong decision, so you take forever to make decisions? You may become paralyzed by the thought of making the decision. And maybe you want to control your decision-making, so you go into analysis paralysis to do exhaustive in-depth research or ask people that constantly influence your decision-making. Then you have too much-skewed data, making the decision even harder and leaving you feeling exhausted and confused.


As an indecisive, you may have difficulty deciding on where to eat, what movie to see, or what shoes to buy. Another example is as follows: A ex-husband and his ex-wife agreed on their son staying with his ex-wife during the holidays. Then the grandmother asks if their grandson can stay with them during the holidays. The ex-wife and ex-husband agree and are okay with the decision. But then the wife has her firm opinion that is different from what the ex-wife and ex-husband decided. The ex-husband changes his opinion to agree with his wife, opposing the ex-wife. This is very painful for the ex-wife, grandmother, and grandson.


The person living, working, or being around you as an indecisive codependent is subject to bafflement, frustration, anger, pain, and confusion when they experience the codependent's changing from supporting the ideas the person presented to opposing them after being influenced by someone else.


It's essential to check in with your fear and other emotions that may be why you are indecisive, like guilt, sadness, or fear of disappointing others.

Step 1: Tune into the fear or other emotions you are feeling. Is my indecisiveness coming from a place of fear or another emotion?

Step 2: How important is this decision? Will it matter 5 years from now?

Step 3: How does indecisiveness harm you?

Step 4: How does indecisiveness affect others adversely and impact intimacy?

Step 5: Are you ready to remove your indecisiveness and learn to live without it?

Step 6: If not, what are you gaining by holding onto indecisiveness?

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